Chateau Cantegril

VARIETIES: 80% Semillon, 20% Sauvignon Blanc

COLOR: Light gold color.

NOSE: Hints of white ginger, apricot, and honey.

PALATE: Flavors of peach, creamed apple, apricot, and peach. Balanced and sweet, with 150 g/l residual sugar, and great acidity and potential for long aging. 

WINEMAKING: The harvest is performed by experienced grape pickers in three to six successives elective pickings, in order to collect at the ideal ripening stage of “noble rot.” Extracted through slow pressings, the rich and pure must ferments in oak barrels. Ageing then starts with 9 month in oak barrels, in the coolness of the cellars and is regulated by the weekly topping of the barrels and regular rackings. This is then followed by another 9 months in stainless steel tanks before bottling.

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