VARIETIES: 40% Aragonez, 40% Trincadeira, 20% Alicante Bouchet

COLOR: Deep pomegranate color.

NOSE: Fresh red fruit aromas, and delicate floral notes. 

PALATE: Easy drinking wine, with red fruit flavors and sweet notes on the finish, with nice structure and balanced acidity. 

WINEMAKING: The grapes were collected from the own vineyard, close to the winery, after a strict selection to reduced production. The harvest was carried out at night. The different varieties fermented separate in Seguin Moreau French oak vats at controlled temperature enlarging the process as much as possible. 50% of the grapes are aged for a period of 8 months in Seguin Moreau French oak vats with 225 liters of capacity. The others 50% were aged into 10.000 liters French coopers from Seguin Moreau. The bottles rest in the cellar for at least 3 months before they leave the winery.

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